World Journal's Boston Edition publishes between 36 and 44 pages daily, 365 days a year. Below are the four foundational sections that are guaranteed to be published every day. Depending on news volume and Chinese holidays, certain days may include additional sections.

Section A  - Main News:                                  

U.S. national and international news, including news from Asia and coverage throughout China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other parts of Southeast Asia.

Section B  - Boston Local News & Sports: 

Two sub-sections: Local News and Sports

Coverage: Local news includes Boston regional news, as well as interest stories and broad coverage on local news matters from other Chinese densely-populated major cities across the U.S. The Sports section not only covers Boston sports, but national and world coverage of major sporting events.

Section C - Entertainment & Supplementals: Contains various special sub-sections including an entertainment column, women’s column, children’s column, biographies, daily horoscopes, readers' forums and editorials.

Section D - Economic, Financial, Business: Covers the economy of all the major countries, commodity markets, and exchanges around the world, from U.S. to Asia. Special coverage of major business and financial news.

*Individual World Journal editions throughout the country will vary in the number of sections and pages published daily. Some editions will carry more sections than others. The larger and more densely populated Chinese cities may print up to 12 sections and up to 126 pages daily. Content is driven by the area's local Chinese population, news demand, and local Chinese news volume.


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