Let World Journal be your advertising medium to the Chinese community. Whether you're looking for local, regional, or a national advertising campaign, our advertising team will work with you to develop and optimize your marketing strategy to the Chinese demographic. With World Journal's 10 regional editions across the United States, our publication can help ensure your target audience is reached and your message delivered in the most efficient way. Our Boston office advertising professionals are standing by to help you plan your ad campaign in all the World Journal editions throughout the US, or just within a specific region - whichever is best to maximize your business' potential.

W.J. Free Weekend Edition

World Journal's Boston office has launched a weekly free newspaper with soft news content for a more relaxing weekend read. W.J. Free Weekend Edition is a free publication distributed every Friday. World Journal advertising clients who contractually advertise in the regular daily paper also have their full-size ads matched and inserted into this free publication for a nominal fee. This weekly complimentary edition distributes a circulation of over 12,000 copies each weekend and is another great Chinese publication available to businesses to advertise.


Sunday Weekend Magazine


World Journal publishes a special magazine supplement in its Sunday paper. This special addition to the daily newspaper provides another great opportunity for advertisers to market their products and services. This magazine's edition is distributed to the entire east coast. Additional information and rates are provided above.

Special Supplements


Each year, World Journal publishes a special Chinese New Year supplement. The Boston edition prints an enormously popular 40-48-page special supplement providing an ideal opportunity for businesses to show their support for the Chinese community and by placing greeting/well-wishing ads directed to the local community for a happy and prosperous New Year. This is also an appropriate time for businesses to first introduce their services to the Chinese community. Chinatown celebrates the New Year with a large festival with dragon dancing and firecrackers.


The August Moon Festival in Chinatown is an annual Chinese holiday festival held on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month (August). Families get together on this special holiday to feast and celebrate the end of the harvest season. World Journal publishes a special supplement with the day's daily paper to commemorate this holiday, providing advertisers another great opportunity to spotlight their businesses while wishing Boston's Chinese Community a happy August Moon holiday.